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Do you have questions about your home or business garage door? Find here your answers!

Why are there differences among garage door prices?

The cost of garage doors would depend on many things. The choice of material will make a difference. Aluminum overhead doors are cheaper and glass doors are more expensive but don't forget that the final price will depend on the size and dimension of the door, too. It will also depend on the features you will add, whether the door is insulated and if you would have to replace other garage door parts, too.

Why won’t the garage door move when I use the remote control?

Garage door repair experts have considered a number of possibilities. One of which is that the opener might not have power. Check for power by plugging a lamp into the outlet where the opener is plugged into; if you notice there isn't any light, then check your circuit breaker or fuse box.

Which is the most modern garage door?

There are many beautiful garage doors today thanks to the abundance in style, designs, and colors but glass garage doors gain the prize of the most modern, extravagant types. According to the experience of our experts, many people would even install them in their bedrooms, offices or kitchens.

Should I have the spring replaced along with the opener?

Usually, there is no need for this. If the garage door spring is in good condition, it should work well with the new opener. The important thing is to select an opener with the optimal horsepower corresponding to the weight of the door. If less power is used for operating the door, the spring will strain more and break more quickly.

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