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Learn more about garage door repair with these tips to ensure fast, efficient work. It's for your own protection. Learn why garage door parts need lubrication and how to repair them. Get smart ideas and practical solutions to common problems.

Dealing with a customized garage door

In order to have a customized garage door, make sure that you are familiar with the space of your garage, your personal preference regarding the design, as well as the types of materials to be used for the creation of a unique garage door for your home. Keep in mind that inspection of the location first is important in order to come up with a specifically designed door.

Painting protects your door

Painting your garage door is possible. However, to make sure that the material of the door is protected accordingly, check the painting instructions and details as carefully laid out in the manual. Information regarding the type of paint to be used is usually included in the manual. Following such instructions can ultimately have a good effect on the garage door, as advised by our experts.

Keep knowledge of the PIN a secret

Garage door openers that use wireless keypads do not require any use of a key or remote control. Instead, they require you to enter a PIN in order to open. The experts of Garage Door Repair Woodinville suggest that you keep the knowledge of this PIN a secret between you and anyone else in your family.

Garage door cables and springs

Garage door springs are under constant tension and only a trained technician should repair or replace them as they are likely to cause injury if it is done by inexperienced hands. The spring assembly varies from one door to the other. Likewise cables should be tightened down post installation.

Don't lock electric garage doors

One of the greatest things about electric garage door openers is that the door cannot open from outside without the clicker. Though, having an extra lock installed can be a dangerous decision. If someone activates the opener whilst the door is locked, extreme burden will be put on the opener and the door might be damaged, too.

Leave the wiring alone

DIY repairs should be avoided not only around the high tension springs, but the wiring itself. You can check for any problems with the wiring, but touching or trying to repair the problem on your own is not advisable. It's better to leave it to our garage door repair Woodinville experts as anything that uses electricity can be a safety hazard if it is handled incorrectly.

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