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Garage Door Springs

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Welcome to Garage Door Repair Woodinville, home of the Garage Door Springs Specialists. Our staff and crew does their very best to ensure that homeowners have a garage door company they can call when they have garage door springs problems or are in need of a variety of the garage door services we have to offer. From broken spring repair to broken spring replacement; our crew can be there in a hurry to solve your needs. Whether you need same day service or emergency garage door repair service, our staff and crew is there for you.Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Repair Services

Our company is built upon the principle that exceptional garage door repair services are vital to support any community’s needs. Our garage door company offers the complete package of garage door repairs and services for homeowners. Some of the garage door repairs we can offer are:

* Bent track repair or replacement

* Broken cable

* Cable came off the drum

* Garage door opener troubleshooting

* Garage door remote troubleshooting

* Garage door off track

Of course these are only a few of the repairs we can offer. Our team can also provide garage door maintenance, garage door replacement and installation as well. In addition, the repair we are truly specialists in are garage door springs and broken spring replacement.

Garage Door Springs Specialists

Our Garage Door Repair Service specializes in broken spring repair and broken spring replacement. There are quite a few people who just don’t realize how important a garage door spring is to their garage door operation. Garage door springs have a primary function; which is to balance the garage doors as the cables pull them up or leave them down. If these springs cannot properly balance the springs then the door will be lopsided and the door will not open or close properly. Without that added balance the door could be too much for the cables causing them to break and the door to fall.

There are two types of springs; the torsion spring and the extension springs. The torsion spring mounts over top of the door and is typically utilized to balance large doors that are heavy in weight proportion. The extension springs come in pairs and are mounted on either side of the door. Our Garage Door Repair Company has the ability to offer outstanding assistance when these springs break. Our experts will come out and offer:

* Spring repair

* Fix garage door spring

* Replace torsion spring

* Replace extension springs

From broken spring repair to broken spring replacement our garage door springs repair team can keep your springs in top working condition.

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